About Shano

Who the hell am I and why would you give a damn?

Well, I’m Shano.
(Just that one name. You know, like Madonna or Prince… only without any fame, pointy bras, or stacks of hunnert dolla bills.)

Listen. I’m just a woman. A chick. A girl. A sorta-kinda regular person. Most of the time. I have kids (teenagers. UUUGH!). I have a life.I have a TON of dysfunction. I happen to be a counselor, a scuba dive instructor, a writer, and all sorts of other shit. I won’t bore you with the list. I’m a traveler.  I’m a little too honest most of the time. I’m a sometimes emotional mess, and sometimes the strongest bitch you’ll ever know. I’m a Buddhist and a thinker. Sometimes I’m an over-analyzer. I use too many run on sentences; No, seriously, way too many. I’m occasionally wise and occasionally very, very stupid.  Either way, I share it because I’m a sharer. I rarely edit my writing before I post it and there’s usually a lot of typos because, well, I’m also a chick with a forever disease that makes my fingers all bumbly.  Oh, and I sometimes just make up words like bumbly or make wordsmoosheslikethis or bridge-words-like-this. Writing is like art, maaan. And sometimes I’m a bit abstract. I like it. I’m my biggest fan.

I also curse. A lot. If you haven’t noticed already. I don’t care much about other’s opinions on this. Language is colorful and fuck is a magic word that can’t be matched with any other in the English language. That’s that. Moving on.

I suppose I’m a bit unconventional. I don’t let anything limit me in my pursuit of contentment or like, whatever else I want. Life is short. I grab it by the balls. That doesn’t always work. But I always learn SOMETHING.

Mostly, I’m just trying not to lose my shit.

And people seem to like to read about that. <shrug> Go figure. Come on in, make yourself at home. I’ve got a lot of stuff to share with you.