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The Journey To Contented

Follow my journey to find and keep my happiness through my personal blog. From Texas to paradise and back again and where ever I go from here. Wandering around, not at all lost, trying to keep it real about the ups and downs of my normal and not-so-normal life.

Helping you not lose your shit

Oh yeah. I’m also a drug counselor/social worker person and know all this stuff about hard life stuff. And I’ll share it in a real-world, no-nonsense, it doesn’t have to be complicated (and yeah, with curse words and stuff) way that helps people help themselves. Good when you’re losing YOUR shit or afraid maybe you’re going to. Please hit “contact me” above with any suggestions, questions, or topics that you’d like to read here. ____ Under Contruction____

Zen Shano

A lot of people ask me about being a Buddhist in a Western world. This is my little place to discuss Buddhism from my perspective. What it is, what it isn’t, and how it works in places like The Bible Belt and my living room. I encourage Q&A! ___UNDER CONSTRUCTION___

Happy Little Shirt Shop

Go shop my T-shirt shop, retail store. Check it out. Get your official “Just trying not to lose my shit” Tee here!

Zen Divers

My Dive Shop Page. Yes, that’s right, I’m a PADI Dive Instructor too. (I told you, I wander). All the information you want about how to hire me to take you to that magnificent beautiful world below the surface. If you’re ready to become a mermaid (or merman), contact me and let’s get started! __UNDER CONSTRUCTION__

Watch me now

Future home of SURPRISE youtube channel… keep watching.

Give a Shit

There are causes that I’m truly passionate about. Domestic violence is numero uno in my book, but it isn’t the only one. Find information about and how to give back here.

I've always wanted to do an advice column like Dear Abby. Send me your questions and I'll give you my absolute best advice. Dear Shano Style.

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